"COMING 2011"

By Tony Edwards



“Between 1973 and 1981 I produced much of what will appear in this book. They were very silly times. The Captain was my response to that era and my own enthusiastic embrace of its worst excesses. A drug crazed surfing pig, The Captain crusaded fearlessly against the three-headed hydra of sobriety, authority and gainful employment. He found quite a following apparently, becoming a cult figure for Australian surfers. The ‘thinking man's fuckwit’, he soured thousands of young lives, stealing the promise of a bright future from their tiny hands. In 2009 I re-read all the strips for the first time. At that distance it seemed like someone else’s work. The early strips had a certain naive charm and looked to me like the work of a teenager (I was 30 at the time). I’ve never been convicted of the crime of consistency – a fact borne out by this collection – and if The Captain had an unpredictable and erratic nature, so did (and does) The Author. At the time I was quite adamant there was no resemblance between him and me, but looking back from the Everest of age and wisdom a different picture emerges. I've come to realise the abominable creature festering within, escaping occasionally through the end of my pen, was just like the abominable figure festering without. Pets resemble their owners, I guess. Is there any difference between us? Well my snout's bigger than his.” – Tony Edwards

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